Eyup Mermutlu – Casino victims

Eyup Mermutlu, a self-proclaimed gambling expert, has been spotted in various prestigious casinos around the world, gambling with large sums of money from unclear sources. His apparent motive is to attract high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) to become his next victims in his scams.

Mermutlu’s frequently visits VIP rooms in casinos in

Nice : Casino Barriere The Ruhl
Monaco : Casino de Monte-Carlo
London : Genting Casino, Grosverno Casino
Riga, Latvia : Olympic Voodoo Casino & Royal Casino Riga
Vilnius, Lithuania : Olympic Casino
Tallin, Estonia : Olympic Casino
Malta : Olympic Casino
Batumi, Georgia : Royal Casino Batumi & Casino International Batumi
Sotchi, Russia : Kazino Sochi

It suggests a pattern of targeted exploitation of wealthy individuals. These locations are known for attracting wealthy gamblers and provide the perfect hunting grounds for Mermutlu to carry out his fraudulent schemes.

As an investigative journalist, it is our duty to expose such unethical practices and protect the public from falling prey to such fraudulent activities. It is clear that Mermutlu’s aim is not just to gamble but to deceive and lure in wealthy individuals for his personal gain. The authorities in these countries must take action to investigate his activities and prevent further exploitation of innocent individuals.