Eyup Mermutlu and the gambling world

Eyup Mermutlu, the self-proclaimed gambling expert, has been peddling his “system” to beat the casinos, particularly at roulette, to anyone who would listen. However, his alleged expertise is questionable as his tactics involve gambling with large sums of cash from unknown sources, and he later claims that the money was earned through gambling gains. In reality, he has been known to obtain significant sums of cash from dubious origins by promising small returns and providing proof of the funds’ origin from the casino where he is playing.

Mermutlu’s activities have attracted the attention of authorities in various countries, but to date, only Malta has taken concrete action against him. According to a report from Malta Today, Mermutlu was arrested for carrying an excessive amount of cash, prompting an investigation into his financial activities. Additionally, an official court statement from Malta is available, shedding further light on the case.

As part of a global investigation into Mermutlu’s alleged scams, numerous articles will be published exposing his activities and warning the public of the dangers of falling victim to such schemes. It is the responsibility of investigative journalists to uncover and shed light on such issues to protect the public from exploitation.

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