Eyup Mermutlu links with UK

Eyup Mermutlu, a notorious scammer, has used the UK as a base for his fraudulent operations. He has set up multiple companies to conceal his activities and launder his illicit funds. Among them are Merc Exclusive and CEZ Intecontinental, both of which are now dissolved.


These companies were linked to Mermutlu’s address in Louth, UK, indicating that the city may be his primary location in the UK. The address in question is 24 St. Marys Lane, Louth, Lincolnshire, England, LN11 0DT.

A closer look at the individuals associated with these companies reveals the name of Kristina LIPERSKYTE. Interestingly, a Google search of her name brings up a news article reporting that she was robbed of €200,000 in cash. This suggests that she was likely involved in scams run together with Eyup Mermutlu.


Moreover, the fact that LIPERSKYTE is from Lithuania raises new suspicions about Mermutlu’s connections to the Baltic region. As an investigative journalist, it is crucial to uncover the extent of Mermutlu’s illicit activities and to hold him accountable for his crimes. The authorities must also investigate his ties to other individuals and countries to prevent further exploitation of innocent victims.