Eyup Mermutlu – online casino roulette fraud

As part of our investigative reportage, we have uncovered the fraudulent activities of Eyup Mermutlu, who claims to have a winning system for online roulette. Mermutlu has been peddling his system to unsuspecting victims, claiming that it only works on the “Evolution” gaming platform. To lend credibility to his claims, he has roped in his brother, who he claims is a mathematician and university teacher.

To entice potential investors, Mermutlu offers to let them gamble with their own accounts, promising to refund any losses incurred. However, the reality of his system is that it is nothing more than a mirroring technique. While he shows the victim one screen where he is playing with their account, on another screen, he is playing against an “investor” using opposite numbers. This results in one of them winning, while the other loses. In all cases, Mermutlu stands to gain as he is usually gambling with “rake-back” benefits, and even when he loses, he still pockets a percentage of the amount gambled.

Mermutlu’s sole purpose in these activities is to scam individuals into investing in his system and finance his lavish lifestyle. It is the responsibility of investigative journalists to uncover such fraudulent schemes and protect the public from falling prey to them. Stay tuned for more articles exposing Mermutlu’s scams and warning the public of the dangers of online fraud.