Eyup Mermutlu scam associates

As an investigative journalist, it is crucial to uncover the individuals who aid and abet scam artists like Eyup Mermutlu. Our investigation has uncovered a small network of associates who are believed to be closely tied to Mermutlu’s fraudulent activities.

One of Mermutlu’s associates is Michael J Shaw, a British citizen who presents himself as a lawyer and reportedly drafts some documents for Mermutlu’s schemes. Another British citizen, Keith Wrampling, is presented as in charge of Mermutlu’s security but is also used as the “face” for some money transfers and cash withdrawals, as well as “casino earnings.” It is unclear what exactly Wrampling’s role is in Mermutlu’s scams, but his involvement in these financial transactions is suspicious.

A Latvian citizen who goes by the name of Alexander, appears to be involved in the arrangement of money transfers and money flows between casinos and Mermutlu’s network. It is unclear what his exact role is in these transactions, but his involvement suggests a deeper connection between Mermutlu and the casinos where he carries out his schemes.

Furthermore, Eyup Mermutlu has two sons who are believed to be used for money transfers to avoid scrutiny from authorities. This suggests that Mermutlu is not working alone, but rather has a network of individuals who help him carry out his scams and launder money.

As investigative journalists, it is crucial to expose these networks of associates who aid in fraudulent activities. We call upon authorities to investigate the roles of these individuals in Mermutlu’s scams and take necessary actions to prevent further harm to innocent individuals.