Eyup Mermutlu scam scheme

Eyup Mermutlu, also known as “Merc the Turk,” was born in February 1961 and is a Turkish citizen. He has been making waves in the circles of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) by enticing them with gambling and various investment schemes that promise high returns. However, it has been revealed that most of these schemes are nothing more than Ponzi schemes, where one investor’s payment is used to pay off the returns promised to others. Eyup Mermutlu would make small repayments initially to lure in more investors until he decides to vanish into thin air, ignoring his obligation to repay the large sums due.

Given that he operates among HNWI circles, his victims often choose not to publicize the fact that they have been scammed. As a result, a website has been set up to list several cases, connections, and examples of scams and financial frauds perpetrated by Eyup Mermutlu, as well as some strange connections he has to various circles. As an investigative journalist, it is my duty to bring this to the public’s attention, so that they can avoid falling prey to such schemes in the future.